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Recruitment Process Overview

Our approach to locating the best candidate is to start by understanding your business hiring needs and the experience your ideal candidate must possess.

This will allow us to create a customized candidate search that will be specifically tailored to your business needs

Online Initial Video Screening Process​

Once the candidate’s résumé has been matched with the job description, an initial online Zoom interview will be held with the top candidates. This process allows us to build on the information gained from each candidate’s application, résumé, and response to behavioral questions. It will help us uncover their communication skills, career objectives, and organizational fit. This screening process enables us to perform a deeper dive to determine the suitability of each candidate. Therefore, narrowing the field of top candidates who will be considered truly viable candidates for recommendation to the client for the position. The client will always have the option to interview the candidates before assigning any employees to fill vacant positions.

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In-Person Interview Process

Due to COVID19, all interviews of candidates by the client will be conducting using Zoom technology unless mutually agreed.
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Background Check Process

During this process, we will contact every candidate’s most recent employer. Every candidate will undergo a thorough background check including criminal history, current licensing verification and drug screening.

Onboarding Process

Ready Temps will ensure all required government documents (i.e. I-9 and tax withholding forms) are completed. We will maintain on file a copy of each candidate state license certification. Ready Temps offers training for all employees to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations (i.e. sexual harassment and discrimination) to safeguard proper conduct.

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Post Your Vacant Positions

We Offer 3 specialized Job Board options that allow you to post jobs as well as screen résumés of qualified applications.


Employer Options

Virtual Assistant Program

Our Virtual Assistants have the top administrative skills and know all the best tools to get things done quickly!

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We offer 3 different job post options to assist you in finding the perfect candidate to fill your positions.  Try our Featured Listing. 

Post Open Positions

We offer 3 different job post options to assist you in finding the perfect candidate to fill your positions.  Try our Featured Listing. 

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