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Each Job Seeker member will qualify for substantial member-only discounts on registration for our networking and knowledge share events.   As a member, you will receive daily job postings for W2 and contract employment, and internships in over 13 states including Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California on the website.  

As a member, we actively promote our valued members’ resumes to our clients.   Our Clients can reach our most qualified candidates by posting an ad for employment, internships, and freelance contractors.  Moreover, our members receive interview tips, and we provide education and certification opportunities through our workforce training partner programs.  

As a member, you also will receive free access to Get Job Alerts.  Get Job Alerts will notify you when a job posting matches your practical work and education experience.

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